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Bertley wasn’t planning to leave Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute, but COSI impressed him when it hosted an Association of Science and Technology Centers conference in 2012.

He is recognized as a thought leader in applied science, science education and community engagement.

These leaders innovate, both individually and through cultures of innovation.

They have an impact on their organizations, their industries and the communities where their team members live, work and play.

Her all-female networking events are uplifting, electrifying experiences that leave women inspired; every woman walks away feeling like family.

The Diva Movement is a diverse community of purpose-driven women eager to see other women win.

We’re fortunate to have great private support so we’ve been able to overcome issues. MS: It’s to encourage them to take a long-term view. It’s an initiative that we’re working to make sustainable after the funding goes away.

There’s going to be real opportunities for businesses to continue to engage and benefit from what we’re doing, but also to add to it and help it grow.

The men and women who comprise this year’s honorees may be different, but they all share one common trait: passion.

Noni Banks, The Diva Movement | George Barrett, Cardinal Health | Frederic Bertley, COSI | Adam Benner, Land-Grant Brewing Co.

| Joelle Brock, Leading EDJE | Kumar Buvanendaran, Prime AE Group Inc.

Columbus residents, over the next six to nine months, are going to see a lot more around the charging infrastructure and electric vehicles.

The Columbus Partnership, who co-leads Smart Columbus, is planning Ride and Drive events — information sessions where consumers can drive electric vehicles by different manufacturers.

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Barrett believes facing problems head on and breaking through barriers creates the most effective leadership. President and CEO COSI Frederic Bertley became the fifth leader of COSI (Center of Science and Industry) at a pivotal time.

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