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Reports of her visit to the Province described women and children fainting with excitement at seeing her. For away from the public excitement and cameras, a very different figure was emerging: a wilful young woman who, it seems, had a lover almost twice her age.

What remained unsaid was that marrying Townsend would have meant Margaret sacrificing her royal status, its privileges and perks.With his quick wit and boyish charm, Townsend rapidly became a popular member of the King’s staff.He rode with the princesses, flew planes in air races for them, played canasta with the Queen and enlivened gatherings at the royal residences.Townsend’s role was to chaperone the younger Princess.Reports of the tour judged the 5ft 1in Margaret to be ‘livelier, prettier, more sexually charged’ than her elder sister. You would expect a teenage princess to be bored being toted from country to country with all the pomp and ceremony involved in State visits.

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It was all very convenient, except for one person — Rosemary Townsend.

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